Improving acoustics with panels

Acoustic panels

To improve the acoustics, acoustic panels can be finished with Climate-Plaster. With this combination, it is possible to create a completely seamless* ceiling / wall based on the desired acoustic value. (The value depends on what acoustic panel is applied and what layer thickness of Climate-Plaster is applied).

Climate-plaster A.P.P. panel

These panels can be attached by means of glue, screws or by means of a fixture system, this is without framework! Depending on the subsurface, it must be determined what attachment method is most suitable. This will be carried out by the ceiling installers.

Akoestisch paneel AE

Climate-plaster A.A. panels

These are attached by glueing them to a smooth subsurface. These panels can subsequently be finished with cotton plaster. The Climate-Plaster decor finishing provides added value in the high frequency to the acoustic panel. The combination with the A.A. panel has a NRC value as of αW 0.65 and lengthwise up to 36 DNCW db.

Akoestiek paneel AA

These acoustic panels are subsequently sprayed with Climate-Plaster, providing a seamless acoustic ceiling or wall. This combination has an NRC value / sound absorption from 0.70 to 0.80 in accordance with EN ISO – 354 EN ISO – 11654. SAA in accordance with ASTM C 423 (The acoustic value depends on the applied panel). For the reports, please see the download page.

For acoustic sound absorption values other than indicated here, please contact us to discuss the options.

* Depending on what acoustic system is applied, a slight demarcation of the panels will be visible after the Climate-Plaster finishing. Specifically for the type with bevelled edges and 25 mm > 60 mm thickness, this does not apply.
Ask about the conditions.